When I look back, I realize that my career has always been about helping other people to be their best self. I worked for more than 25 years in management and direction positions in the main advertising agencies and communication companies in Brazil. In all of them, my focus has always been on the human being behind the positions.

When I moved to China, where I have been living since 2011, I had to build a new identity as a woman (daughter, mother and wife) and as a professional. From this sometimes-painful growth process, I directed my skills as project manager, clients and teams to a new career as a coach.

I am certified by the ICF, International Coaching Federation as a PCC; I am a member of MCI (Mento Coach Institute) and I obtained the following certifications:

  • Life Career Coach - Brazilian Coach Society - Brazil 2015;

  • Career Coach - Brazilian Coach Society - Brazil 2016;

  • Core 100 - Strategic Interventionist - Robbins-Madanes Center - US 2017;

  • Advanced Relationship Coaching - Strategic Intervention Center US 2018;

  • Cultural Orientation Framework Administrator Rosinski & Company– Shanghai - China 2019

  • Mastery in Coaching - ICF - Bali - Indonesia 2020

  • Extension Course in Coaching and Mentoring - MCI 2020

In this new career, which began in 2015, I accumulated almost 1,500 hours of coaching practice with expatriates of different nationalities, especially women in search of greater clarity about themselves and their life decisions.

My great passion is to write! I am the author of the book "Como Morar na China sem Engolir Sapo nem Comer Cachorro", available on Amazon; I contributed for 5 years with a blog of one of the biggest newspaper in Brazil and today I have my own blog called O Caminho das Pedras.

In China, I have been a volunteer for Promised Land, whose mission is to help Chinese children with mental disabilities and for Captivating who work with poor girls from China, Nepal and the Philippines.

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" During a critical period of my life, Mrs. Dumont managed and helped me to turn catastrophes into opportunities. Her technique is like a compass and a torch that can lead you towards the shore when you thought you were floating alone in the ocean. "