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For those who want to know themselves better

10 sessions focused

on self-knowledge

Pacote de 10 sessões

de 60 a 90 mins focadas em autoconhecimento



For those who want to address specific issues

5 -10 sessions process following

ICF competencies

The sessions can be done face to face or by video call. 


All humans have the need to develop their own mechanisms for emotional survival, to create beliefs, to define their values, therefore, to create an identity for themselves. However, as time goes by, we need to upgrade our operational system to make sure that we can get the best out of our computer. This is only one of the metaphors that I use to define coaching. Another one I like is that coaching works as a mirror. As the client speaks we keep changing the position of the mirror. “Have you looked at it through this point of view?” There are a lot of people that find out they have been only brushing their fringe and not the back of their heads, that is all tangled up!

Want another one? Our lives are like a picture that is being painted by ourselves, while our noses touch the canvas. Sometimes, we spend so much time painting the shadow of a tree, that we forget the rest of the painting and end up thinking like it is dark and sinister. A Coach comes in with the mission of grabbing their client (coachee) by the hand and making them take three small steps back. Which is enough for them to remind themselves what the actual meaning of their lives is, and what role that tree shadow plays in the whole of their painting of life. Computer, mirror or painting, the most important take out of all of this is, after undergoing coaching, you will be a better version of yourself.


Use of scientifically tested tools that help with self-knowledge and with reframing past events and unwanted behaviors.

Here are some of them:

Wheel of Life - assessment of your level of satisfaction with different areas of your life

Saboteurs - helps in identifying self-critical thinking.

Values - helps you identify what values you have been building your life on and which ones may be hampering your evolution

Mission, Purpose and Legacy - Helps you understand your role in the world

References - Help in identifying your inner strength

6 Basic Needs - Helps to change unwanted behaviors.



In the coaching process, the client has a problem to be solved or a specific objective to be achieved.

Usually, he is in a hurry and needs immediate help. In this case, the coach will use the set of tools that are most useful in solving the problem.

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