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Rachel Cidaco - Bussines Squad Leader at Spark - 2024

Our work together was a kickstart for reclaiming my self-esteem, which created a whole change in my life. I managed to organize my routine: I integrated the job that now pays my bills with the career I'm building as an artist and the business I'm falling in love with every day – a children's bazaar.

Fernando Macieira 2023

I sought Chris for assistance in a career transition after nearly twenty years with the same company. In our first conversation, she stated, "Coaching is not therapy." Despite her assertion, the process – at least for me – was indeed therapeutic. It helped to clear my mind, evaluate possible paths, and move forward. Chris has a broad and insightful perspective, guiding every step toward a clearer life outlook.


Kevin Smith - University Teacher at Guangdong Province - China - 2022

I was introduced to Chris at a time in my life I was having major difficulties. I was in bad shape and I needed help. I was feeling stressed and exhausted and had no brain space to finish the important projects I was working on. So, when I heard the word "coaching", I thought it meant someone was going to make a schedule for me and talk tough and motivate me to work harder. That's what I was expecting, but that's not what I got from Chris. What I actually got was someone who listened - really listened. And I must admit it felt good to have someone to talk to after a lifetime of holding it all in. But then some really unexpected things started to happen during these talks. She explained to me all the ways I was actually sabotaging myself. Then she helped me look inside and figure out how to solve these problems I was having. The solutions came from inside; I liked that because if it comes from your heart, it's more likely to last. After every session, I felt relieved and proud. After my sessions with Chris, I now have new tools I still use every day. I have new ways to organize my thinking and new reasons to believe in myself. In the end, the time I invested in talking to Chris feels like it's worth a million bucks to me now. I am empowered to finish my 2022 doing what I want to do, which is get stuff done! And this is all thanks to Chris.


Rodrigo Corrêa - Life Streamer - November 2021

The career coaching process that I experienced for almost 3 months was extremely important to my professional and personal life. Without any experience with coaching before, I was able to learn to deal with and analyze options based on my taste, my identity. I am eternally grateful for Chris' help as I transition from my teenage life to adulthood! .

Rachel Sampaio, Senior Manager at KPMG Brazil - August 2021

My coaching process with Chris helped me to see my saboteurs and identify the limiting beliefs that kept me from being happy. She also helped me to develop and strengthen mechanisms and tools to deal with them. It was a privilege to be able to count on her attentive listening, insights, and connections. Without a doubt, it is a process that contributed a lot to strengthen me to be able to keep my journey towards happiness. I have to thank the universe and Chris herself for the opportunity of this exchange that is undoubtedly priceless.


Wenjun Xu-Landscape Designer at Turenscape, February 2021

Chris is more than a coach to me. She is a great mentor, a care friend and adviser who truly believes in my potential for goodness and pushes me to be a better me. She also helps me restate my life goals and find my most comfortable ways to achieve them. Week by week, I found my self more positive after talking. I speak high of her and encourage everyone to take her coach sessions. At least, give it a try.

Tatiana Mariz - Head Commercial Clear Channel, January 2021

A look at yourself, a reconnection, a strength, an understanding, a clarity, a focus, a choice and a great achievement! That's how I would summarize my experience with Chris, who has the gift of filling the whole coaching process with unique sensitivity and professionalism!

Márcia Andrade - TECSUL Managing Partner - September 2020

My Coaching process with Chris was very smooth, it was light, but it brought me powerful responses that empowered me and made me take a big step towards performing tasks. According to my answers to Chris' questions, I was finally led to deployments that are sure to be important and complementary to my Personal and Professional Life Purpose.

Leandro Herculano - Director IPEMED São Paulo - Afya Group / Co-founder of ALC Sul - September 2020

The experience lived as Chris's coachee was sensational. The way she conducted the sessions led me to deep reflections on my goals and how to use my own potentials for my self-development, leaving me confident about my personal and professional choices.

Rochelle Mathurin - Master of Social Work and Social Entrepreneur and GF co-founder - March 2020

Chris has been phenomenal in helping me specify my personal and career goals, but more importantly, providing support to make them achievable. She has done an amazing job in helping me reflect on my thought patterns that keep me blocked. Chris is a coach who is there to encourage, and also challenge you, which truly allows you to grow through the coaching process. Chris has given me deeper insights into myself, and I am thankful for this. I highly recommend coaching with Chris, if you want that one-on-one support, someone who cares, and will hold you accountable to help you make your goals into a reality- she is your coach!


Daniel Blatt - Elsys Shareholder - December 2019

Coaching made me recognize aspects that I value, but I was not fully aware of, and gave me a more holistic view of myself and the world around me. I learned that we always have a space to improve, and a lot! We are complex and we end up focusing on what we do well and like to do, but we leave aside equally important points. This ends up costing us much more than we imagined. I also learned that I need to reduce my self-critical voice that prevents me from expressing myself as I would like.

Fernando Raposo - Photographer - Portugal - November 2019

When I started the process with Chris I was lost personally and professionally without any perspective of changing.
The first step was to decide which major change I wanted for my life.
After realizing I wanted to move to a different country we focused our meetings in defining the country and learning everything about it.
Coaching with Chris made me take a decision I could've taken years earlier but wasn't able to take on my own.
It was a necessary wake up call to begin a new phase of my life.
The coolest thing was that the entire process lasted less than 3 months which is a really small amount of time to make a life changing decision.
Sometimes somethings seem to be impossible and someone like Chris can definitely make us see the best way to make them possible.
Thanks to her I've moved from Rio de Janeiro to Lisbon and I'm extremely fullfiled!

Margaux  Schreurs-   Kidfluencer Marketing Manager at SuperAwesome - UK - May 2019

When I started career coaching with Chris, I wasn't sure what my career goals were and what exactly it was that I was looking for from my work. Chris was able to help me work this out in an encouraging and non-judgmental way, taking the time to talk through my past life and work experiences, my strengths and my opportunities, and helping think through the next steps in my career. We worked at my pace but she was able to challenge me where needed, and helped me get outside my comfort zone too. 
Towards the end of my coaching sessions I saw multiple future career opportunities come to fruition that I strongly believe I would not have even considered had it not been for my coaching sessions. But most importantly Chris' guidance has helped me dream more with regards to what I want from my life and my career, something I will take with me even after our coaching has ended.


Mirian D'Agostini - Marketing and Event Manager of the Brazilian Olympic Committee - July 2019

My coaching process with Chris turned a key in my head. I became capable to see things from a different perspective. I had the opportunity to organize my thoughts, my desires, and to see my career in a much clearer way: where I am, who I am and what I want to achieve.

Ana Marke - Interpreteur in UK - April 2019

I had coaching with Chris during a very trying time of my life when I was finding it very difficult to keep my emotions in check and adequately support my husband through his mother’s illness and other family and extended family issues which always arises at times like this. 

Chris was very good working with me, allowing me to think and see things which I would never have been able to do alone or simply by reading a book on the matter. 

When I felt I was losing control she skilfully brought me back to a reasonable state by making me understand what effects my different actions would create in each and every member of the family and friends. 

I have learned a lot and keep going back to my notes as they have proven to be of great use in successfully keeping my life together and happier. 

Thank you Chris xx


Ricardo José Cortés Peña - Owner of Gifted Coaching - May 2018

Chris got me hooked to her coaching right away with her “wheel of fortune”, the one she used tosses the areas of my life that needed improvement. This was a sensible way to start. After pinpointing these areas for an hour, she gave me very powerful advice. She told me “You found away. You always find a way.” This made me see myself in a new light for the first time in mylife. I always find a way to get where I want to go. I repeat this as a mantra even now.We decided that one of the areas of my life that needed improvement was Money. For this, Chris again gave me powerful advice: decide how much money I wish to earn, and by when. Then,decide what I want to use this money for, and let that speak loudly as to who I am. She helped me to align my values to this goal, and I can proudly say that I am set to reach my financial go alone month before the set date.Overall, it was great to be able to speak freely and openly to someone who made no judgments but simply led me to look at life in more empowering ways, allowing me to break through barriers I had previously imposed on myself due to negative experiences. I highly recommend Chris to you if you are stuck in an area of your life and do not know why. Chris can shine light on that area from many angles, until you can finally see what is stopping you. Then she will bring you alternatives that you can choose from, thus seeing how powerful you are to change.


Caroline - Interior Designer - October 2018

Chris is a wonderful coach. She helps you determine and work on the area of your life which will trigger the most changes, while teaching you about yourself. She happily shares practical examples from her own story and always keeps a positive outlook. She helped me listen to the opportunities that came my way and discover who I am. I feel she also helped reset my approach to life, with inspiring videos and questions. Coaching is a great chance to pause, be grateful for the past while welcoming changes with a peaceful mindset and learning to use your strenghs. I am 29 and this something I have wanted to do for a long time, anyone can benefit from coaching, we all deserve a little help. 

Bya Patzer - Interior Designer and President of ABNET - August 2018

I have done coaching before but this time around I felt I learned a lot more. The question is why? 1. Your ability to put into perspective without criticizing; 2. Your talented and tactful way of helping me see it through the way I wanted to but somehow wasn’t able to; 3. Your constant follow up with me and our sessions: I felt our time mattered together. It was important for me that I came and fulfilled the tasks you gave me; 4. You verbalize what you pick up all the time; 5. And most importantly: you may start with one opinion but you are humble enough to pivot when you see the need. So, it becomes a journey together and not of one. Let’s continue… forever.

Gonzalo Briozzo - Accountant and  Director at GMB Consulting - June 2017

Since I graduated, I development my professional career working as a businessman, and I was really successful at that. But in my head, I always had the idea that when I turned 50 that was going to change, and I was going to be independent. I was going to make use of the years of experience I had as a business man and do what I had always wanted to do for me: open my own counselling office. When the company I worked that decided to leave Brazil, and invited me to still be a part of it in a different country, I decided it was my change to give it a try. But going from idea to reality isn't simple. You have doubts, you start being scared of losing the statues you have... the change creates insecurities. It was when I started feeling insecure that I decided I need someone to help me through this process, and I was lucky it was Chris that i got recommended to for that. She helped me a lot to solidify what in my head, till that point, was just an idea. Today I have no doubts, and. even though I know the process will require a lot of hard work, I look forward knowing that what I am doing is exactly what I want for myself. I widely recommend her. 


Kathy De Leye , Entrepeneur and Tai Chi Quan Teacher at Body and Mind Challenger - May 2018

I went to Chris with no clear idea on what to be coached on. My business was not going well, I was ok in Shenzhen but didn't know what to do here. I was stuck. Already, after only 2 sessions, I could start to see a change. My business project became clearer and opportunities and the right people started to come in my life. I started to count the days to my next session with Chris because I felt hungry and wanted to know more about what would unfold for me. She guided me in the direction I needed to go and gave me insights on where to improve myself. I can highly recommend her and am already recommending her to everyone I know.


Simone Barbieri, Chef and owner of "Cozinha Crunch" - March 2017

My coaching process as wonderful, it made me aware of my capacity to create. It opened up a path of achievements for me. You poked a emotional side in me that I was not aware of and that in a way was blocking me to break new grounds. Coaching was, to me, a mix of shock therapy with the light that always existed in the end of the tunnel to keep shinning. Today, still with some fears, after all taking risks is always a little scary, I am certain that I am on the right path, spreading health and attracting people and mouths.


Gabriela Arroyo – Telecom Strategist  (ex-Account VP at WMcCann) - August 2018

At the beginning of 2016, I decided to move forward with a project that I had been maturing for almost 10 years. I decided to leave Brazil, my country, my family's country, my daughter's country. The first motivation came from violence, but with it, the desire to live new experiences, new challenges, new culture, and also have a greater time with my family.

I talked with Chris, because I thought it was a project that needed more than a will. I needed to find out what I was going to experience. I needed to understand in a more tangible and rational way what that change would mean. I needed to understand my fears that don't let me go on. Understand my saboteurs, but also my strengths. There were exactly 12 sessions, in which I discovered much more than I was looking for. I'm moving in 15 days, and I feel that all my balance in this moment is due to this process.


Gabriela Portes – Lawer at Hanibiz Trade Co. Ltd - March 2017

During the second semester of 2015, I gifted myself with coaching with the incredible Chris Dumont in a moment of great professional instability. It was a gift because I learned to dedicate 1 hour and 30 minutes every week to myself. That time was mine and only mine, time to think about my dreams, but more importantly: time to map the trajectory to achieve them. After 10 sessions, I am absolutely sure that I would have never learned so deeply about myself without the dedication and help of my loving dedicated mentor that is Chris Dumont. I guarantee that everyone that goes through this experience, go through a permanent metamorphosis of their soul. After the coaching process, my saboteurs stayed in the past, as I can instantly identify them, and don't give them the opportunity to take over my decisions. I took control of my life, became aware of my best qualities and now have total control of my decisions.  

Bianca Loechel – Marketing Analyst at O Globo newspaper - January 2019

In the last months of 2016, the coaching process was an inspiration for my self-development, both in the professional scope as well as in my personal life. The most important thing to do is to find a professional who you trust and admire. Luckily, I had the privilege to go through this process alongside my coach Christiane Dumont, ex-manager of the biggest newspaper of the South of Brazil, in the start of my career. We thankfully reconnected to embark on this process. I was able to learn with Chris to admire my inner saboteurs, understand and further get to know my characteristics, my strengths and weaknesses, and lastly to explore the best of me with clarity, purpose and concrete projects.  

Socorro Machado– Owner of Madre Communications and Design - March 2017

Coaching is a required stop in our lives. It is an opportunity to balance out all the professional and personal areas of your life, and to understand what needs to be done. It's a challenge in order to live a better life.

Fátima Rendeiro – Media Director at Propeg - April 2019

Setting aside a time to get to know yourself better should be part of the list of healthy habits that we all should have. The coaching process that I went through with Chris Dumont is now a part of my routine. I’m always looking for ways to be a better person, and it was very practical and objective the work developed in our sessions. I recommend to all to include this activity into your New Year’s Resolution. To discover the new you that exists in all of us, and for that nothing is more important than to have a good coach that will light your path into this journey.

Erica Rabelo – Communication, Branding and Advertising Manager at Vale - July 2018

2016 was a very difficult year for me, both in the professional field as well as in the personal one. I decided to look for help through coaching, and could not have made a better choice, of both the process and the professional. Christiane Dumont, besides having great experience in the Communications area, is a sensible person that has excellent interpersonal relationship. With her help, I was able to the regain my life’s balance and tranquillity in order to better understand my problem and seek for solutions. 

Pierre Morier - Assistant Store Manager at Prada Donna Village Mall - March 2017

Before meeting Chris, I though coaching was merely a short conversation between two people about how to get from point A to B. Today, after my coaching sessions, I learned how to rediscover myself; how to wake up the real Pierre that was buried deep inside of me; and that 90% of what I need to achieve my goal is inside me and under my control! Coaching opened my eyes about what I really want, and what I am good at. Besides all that, I also had the experience to meet a wonderful person (that lives in the other side of the world) that is exceptionally kind, very attentive and really charismatic. I definitely recommend!

Beatriz Mendonça - China Operations Coordinator at Uatt! - March 2018

Chris is a person that makes a difference. If a person wants to change, go from point A to point B, she is the right person to help you in the process. Chris helped me to be more objective in what I wanted and to achieve my goals with the right actions. Besides being a great coach, I met a wonderful person and made a new friend.

Hassan Rocha El Bizri - Director of TransLynx Enterprises - March 2017

I was about to graduate from college, and to start my professional life. I was very indecisive about what to do and did not know myself as well as I imagined. With Chris’ help, I was able to re-evaluate many aspects of my life and coordinate my ideas. I am thankful to this excellent professional for better opening my eyes and help me break new grounds into success.

Gabriela Haber - Cultural Producer at Sensa - Novmeber 2016

My first job was working in a bank, then in a corporate business, until I decided to change and start working as a producer. I spent 7 years working with commercials and movie productions, and then 7 more years working with events and music. In 2016, I went back to work movies, but realised it wasn't my forte anymore. I quit. I was lost, and did not know what to do. When I started getting coached, I was considering starting all over again and studying architecture. But when being 41 is really different than being 25. During the process, Chris helped me realise that I still really wanted to work with events and music, but this time, having my very own company. Even before the sessions were over, I found a very special partner, and we are now together in this enterprise that has made me very happy!

Ella Xunhuan Zhou - Pianist - march 2016

During a critical period of my life, Mrs. Dumont managed and helped me to turn catastrophes into opportunities. Her technique is like a compass and a torch that can lead you towards the shore when you thought you were floating alone in the ocean. 

Dora Smithberg - Chef - November 2015

Today I want to talk about the coaching I experienced with Christiane Dumont. My coach opened me again to life. It was like if suddenly I had woken up and found out I was alive. That I had a story and that my story was strong, and true. Chris made me realize all the potential I had inside of me. I often used to look in the mirror, but would not see the real me anymore. The real Dora was hidden inside the great woman and incredible human being I am. Chris also helped me identify my saboteurs, my strengths and my weaknesses, and all the potential that I have.  After coaching with Chris, I was able to improve my health, starting by improving my eating habits. I came up with an exercise routine, and was able to lose 8 kilos. Also using the potential I discovered I had, I was able to open a hair salon in China, even though I did not have any actual background in cosmetics (…) I took a risk, but like is made of risk. Right after that, I had to close the salon and move to New York, where I am today (…). I could spend hours writing about everything that coaching made me learn, but I will stop right here to give space for others. But before I want thank you, my lovely coach. Thank you Chris.

Hugo Borges - Pianist and Musician - May 2016

At the end of every session there was a custom, a special gesture, in which Chris would give me a quote that worked not only as an inspiration, but for reflecting. One of this quotes really stayed with me; the quote read: “Tragedy isn’t when a man dies, but when something dies inside a man that is still alive”. It was exactly this aspect that coaching helped me with; not that something inside me had died, mas I learned during my sessions that this “something” inside me needed some care, a special attention so that I could grow as a person, and achieve my goals. I am thankful for Chris for having guided me in the beginning of this restless journey that is our interpersonal communication and discovery.   

Maria Clara Ferreira - Cultural Producer at Sensa - September 2016

My coaching experience with Chris was transformational. Half way through the process, I had already started to see professional possibilities that had been right in front of me all along and I had not been aware of. After my 10 sessions, my professional life had been transformed; and even though it’s still developing, it is already making me feel extremely happy and grateful. Besides being and excellent career coach, Chris also has the gift to comprehending the human being and being a great life coach; which helped me a lot on my journey of self-discovery. It was a great experience, and I wish she was my coaching forever!  

Roberta Autran - Event Producer at P&G - September 2016

I looked for coaching in 2016 as a booster, an injection of courage to make decisions and to help me see what I wanted in fact for my professional life. Along the process, I was able to identify that my current behaviour is a result of some choices I made in the pass; but that I am still the same person and that independently of the direction I go, I can go without fear. Coaching was really important for my self-knowledge and it gave me tools to be able to go after and conquer my dreams, both professional and personal.     

Ana Fortes -  Designer at  memoo - August 2016

I spent a few years living in two different countries, and my professional situation got a little confusing. 

When I came to Brazil for good, I felt distance from what I used to do before this international experience and not knowing how to return, even so because my interests had changesd.

Coaching with Chris was very important for me to get in contact of what now makes sense, and how to move to a new one, with the already existing baggage. She shows us the talents and characteristics that we have, with a very positive and creative look to it, and she guides and encourages us to, based on them, move towards what we want with confidence. And this has an an impact in life as a whole. It goes beyond that. And that best party is that besides everything, I ended up getting a new lovely friend!!


Sunny Foster - Teacher and Peace Corps Volunteer - March 2017

Without any idea of where I wanted to be or what I wanted to be doing I had lost my passion and drive personally and professionally.  Chris helped me by asking objective questions and getting me to talk through my doubts and worries.  She had me assess what was holding me back and had me seriously discuss ways to be proactive about changing patterns, being aware of saboteurs, and adjusting my routine in order to change my circumstances.  It was incredibly effective to speak with Chris.  She encouraged me to look at my experiences and accomplishments objectively and it really helped me improve my opinion of myself.  My confidence and optimism for my future has drowned out my negativity and I am looking forward with hope and excitement rather than anxiety."

Rose, Teacher at QSI, Shenzhen, China - March 2017

This was my first time ever that I went to a coaching session. I mainly wanted to get some answers why I was so unable to loose some necessary weight (when medically there was nothing wrong), so I thought, it would not hurt to take a look at my life. Chris had been recommended to me by another friend, so I thought: ‘Ok, I will try it.’ After the first session, I felt, this will be good for me: A coach taking me on a journey on what makes me tick or not, what motivates me and what hinders me, and to help me redefine or at least take a careful look at some of my life’s goals. 

I was quite surprised to find out that I had “saboteurs” - inner forces that hinder me, that make me shy away from tackling some problems. Chris used various questionnaires, charts, power-points, TED talks etc. to help shed some light onto my life, etc. Over about ten sessions, I learned to re-prioritize, redefine and realign and face some of my fears head-on. I am more able now to look at a situation squarely and decide if this is good for me or not. It has also become easier for me to sometimes say “no” to a proposal, when I know it would not be good for me. I am thankful for the progress I have been able to make in my life. Thank you Chris, for all your patience and for not being afraid to tackle difficult questions. I would definitely recommend Chris Dumont to coach you.

Danielle Moser Silva –Engineering Supervisor at Renault do Brasil - March 2017

It was at a casual meeting in Zhangjiajie, in the middle of China, while I was struggling with my fears to get across a 400-meter-high glass bridge, that Chris made the first unpretentious diagnosis of my personality. And we went out with: how about doing a coaching? At that moment I had no specific objective, but upon returning to Brazil, I had the opportunity to work on my career plan with my boss - a plan for 10/15 years. At that moment, I held a post of technician, knowing where I would like to be in 10/15 years but, with no idea how - so my conclusion was that I could not do it alone.

I started the first session a bit shy, without much knowing how it could lead me to my ultimate goal. Chris, in a relaxed way, with a huge back ground from his professional life, family, achievements, she was able, with mastery, to guide me ... We worked through my self-confidence; on how to overcome my anguish and how to use my strengths. How to use Love and Connection and Contribution to others to leverage my needs. How to control my strength (once we had a session on how to behave in a meeting for which I was preparing myself to leave in the middle as the best result I could hope for). And we still had time to work on developing the "how" of my career plan.

Anyway, coaching was all I needed, it helped me create a path and how to deliver the best of me. For my bosses? It was good too, Chris or Coaching or just us, we can develop new forms of leadership, always using meaningful communication and seeing the best of others.

We closed the 10 Coaching sessions with a promotion: now I am the Supervisor of a team of 10 engineers. Take a chance, it's worth it.

Mônica Vicencio – Communication Manager at Petrobras Distribuidora - August 2017

I looked for a coaching, because I was at a stage where I needed professional change and guidance on the way forward. Coincidentally, although I did not believe in coincidences much, I met Chris and got to know that she was acting justly in that area. Because I knew her work as a communications professional, and I knew of her responsibility and her concern to be excellent at what she did, I bet on her guidance. And it was very gratifying, because I went through a true self-reflection on various points of my personality and my behavior, ending with a practical proposal not only professional but also personal life. Certainly I left the process of coaching, a person more sure of the professional goals, but above all a better person.

Anyway, coaching was all I needed, it helped me create a new path and how to deliver the best of me.

Ermina Santos - Technical Support Manager at Prosserv - December 2017

Coaching with Chris made me able to see see something I did not see in me before; I only saw the critical side, not the good one. I needed help to bloom, go out and spread. I always remember the coaching, and apply it on my daily life. Today, I am a lot better than what I was in September, as a person, human being, and manager. 


Vanessa  Feitosa - Mandarin student at Shenzhen University - December 2016

Chris was one of those gifts the universe puts in our life. I met her in a newly married and newly arrived transition moment in China. I was full of doubts, fears and insecurities. The coaching process with Chris helped me to identify my saboteurs, get to know myself better, and then carry out profound transformations that have never been solved in the course of my life. I have finished the process with great certainty of my purpose and assurance that I have what I need to achieve my goals. But for me, Chris's best is the sensitivity with which she drives the whole learning process. It is this sensitivity that makes the results so quick, profound and transformative. She led me so gently through this journey, that the transformation took place almost without my noticing. Getting to the end of the process and realizing how different I was from when I had started was amazing and extremely gratifying. Chris, it was a privilege to be your coachee. You were born for this!

Nestor - Leader for Science and Foreign Teacher's Coordinator at Beida School - China - January 2018

I started the coaching with a fair certainty of wanting to do it but without being sure of my clear objectives. I was mostly looking for a guided introspection in order to find those problems that keep bothering but we cannot easily identify. It took Chris very little time to help me find my real objectives for the coaching and the sources of my discomfort. She has a great capacity to spot the problems by asking the right questions and reading through my sometimes-long speeches. Unlike some therapies that I have done years ago, this coaching was helpful from the very beginning. The feedback was fast and straightforward and I was finding answers (some truly important) in every session. Being able to put your life in perspective with the help of a professional is something everybody should do at some point and I would definitely recommend this coaching. Not only for how much I have learnt from it during its duration, but for how much I keep learning even after, by slowly sinking many of the concepts. It is a great help for facing today’s complex world.

Walter  Ribeiro - Chef - December 2017

Many years ago, for not believing in therapy, psychology, etc. I was surprised by a professional who totally changed my life and opinion on the subject. Today, even believing that a qualified professional can greatly change his way of thinking, acting and transforming his life, especially after difficult times, I was surprised again by Christiane Dumont. Great friend, coach, attentive, patient, etc. who after 10 sessions managed to pull me out of a state of prostration and made me see the light at the end of the tunnel. It is with great gratitude that I congratulate this excellent professional for helping me in one of the most difficult moments of my life. Thanks friend, you rock!


Cláudia Ebert - Audiovisual Producer - January 2018

I was a tangle of sensations, needs and ideas. Exhausted and entirely alone. Chris took my hand and gently led me in another direction. In situations and issues known long ago, she showed me new ways to deal with. I changed my perspective and from this new angle I was able to see that I was surrounded by many dear friends. I followed Chris's advice and stopped snorting, the chuckles were starting to win the game. The idea was to change, to transform, so we touched on very sensitive points. I cried many times, I cry. I'm a melted butter, I'm short, blond, I'm 46 and my name is Claudia! Claudinha for most people; Cla or Clau to the intimates. Knowing who we are, what we want and why, is fundamental. Simple and fundamental. Thank you Chris!

There are times in life that we lose ourselves and it's okay to ask for help, okay to accept help. Worth it. The joy of recognizing yourself again makes up for the effort.

Thanks Thanks Thanks. I already miss you


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